Heavy duty dispersing machine for paints, pigments & coatings
  • The dispersing machine for paints, pigments & coatings consists of five parts: mechanical lift, main drive, mixing system, guide mechanism, and electric control box. The structure of each part is compact and reasonable. Dispersion plate type: flat plate sawtooth type, three prosthetic paddle type, dish type.

    The paint mixer pulverizes, disperses, emulsifies, and mixes the paint. Through the new and efficient mixing equipment running at high speed on the upper and lower teeth of the dispersing plate, the material is subjected to high-speed intense shearing, impact, crushing, and dispersion to achieve rapid mixing, dissolution, and Decentralized and refined functions. It is an efficient equipment for stirring, dispersing and dissolving solids such as paint.

    The paint mixer (paint dispersing machine) adopts various specifications such as electromagnetic speed control, frequency conversion speed control and three speed motor to operate stably and powerfully, which is suitable for various viscosities.

    The dispersing machine can be divided into two types of lifting: hydraulic and mechanical.It can lift and rotate freely to adapt to various positions; ordinary and explosion-proof configuration, safe and reliable, simple operation and maintenance; strong production continuity, rapid dispersion and dissolution of materials, good dispersion effect, production High efficiency, stable operation and easy installation.

    The hydraulic lifting disperser is a high-efficiency device for stirring, dissolving, dispersing, and homogenizing a variety of mixed liquids and solids, so that the aggregates can be quickly dispersed, homogeneously mixed, and accelerated dissolution. This equipment is widely used in the production of coatings, pigments, inks, adhesives and other related chemical products.

  • Chemical industry

    Coating, Dye, Pigment, Ink, Paper making, Adhesive and other chemical industries to stir, Dissolve and disperse liquid and liquid-solid materials

    • Made of SUS316L material

    • High speed 1500RPM-3000RPM and heavy duty

    • Using motor from Siemens can keep it running 24hours continuously when your tank is empty also.

    • Once the solid powder enters the stirring container, it will be dispersed and dissolved quickly by the disperser. Even if the viscosity increases continuously, it can be easily incorporated.

    • The speed of the mixer is controlled at a relatively low speed to disperse well without generating a lot of air bubbles.

    • The agitator's upper and lower staggered dispersing discs have a powerful shearing function, which can shorten the dissolution time.

  • ModelPowerElevator HeightRotary SpeedBlending VolumePropeller Diameter

    A: 0-1500RPM
    B: 0-3000RPM





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