Honey mixer tank with homogenizer
  • Honey refining refers to the operation of heating and refining honey. The resulting product is called condensed honey. Honey contains a lot of water and other impurities such as dead bees and waxes, so it must be refined before application. The purpose is to remove impurities, destroy enzymes, kill microorganisms, reduce moisture content and increase adhesion.

    Most of the honey refining methods use refining at atmospheric pressure, that is, add water to the honey and boil it to 105 ~ 120 ° C, so that it melts, and is appropriately diluted. It is filtered through a No. 3 to No. 4 screen to remove impurities. Heat, and continue defoaming and stirring until needed.

    The excellent heating capacity and powerful mixing capacity is very important for honey refining. 

    SHsina company's mixer, including mixing tank, manhole and mixing components, homogenizer, heating components, insulation components, temperature monitors, control boxes and so on. The manhole cover is detachably installed on the top of the stirring tank curve cover, it is very good sealing for food grade to prevent any pollution from outside. And the stirring component is installed on the fixed stirring tank cover, and the stirring tank body is supported on the bracket platform; The assembly comprises a motor, a stirring shaft and a frame type wall stirring blade and a fixed slurryand a screw ribbon paddle. The motor drives the stirring shaft to rotate, and the scraping wall stirring blade is connected to the stirring shaft. The fixed slurry is installed on the lower part of the cover where the motor is placed at the top, and the scraping wall stirring paddle The mounting direction of the blade and the fixed paddle is opposite; the upper end of the agitating shaft is connected to the motor, and the lower end is rotatably connected to the support seat, and both ends of the support are connected to the inner wall of the agitating tank body. A homogenizer, a heating tube and a discharge valve are installed at the bottom of the stirring pot. After the material body needs to be heated and dissolved in the production process, the stirring and the fixed paddle interlacing manner of the vertical scraping paddle are used to make the body body. Achieve up and down, left and right, tumbling, shearing movement, stirring to make the material dissolve evenly, high shear homogenizer makes the particle size of the material more subtle, use water to cool to normal temperature, after the test is qualified, open the material valve discharge filling.

    • Food

    Sauces, Dressings, Liquid spices, Cheese spread, Honey, Ready-to-serve-meals, Baby food, honey, Jams, Pet food, Starch solutions, Alginate 

    • Beverage

    Fruit juices, Vegetable juices, Milkshakes, Protein drinks, Liqueurs, Sugar solutions ,Flavours 

    • Pharmaceutical industry

    Gels, Eye drops, Cough mixtures and similar, Infusion solutions, Sugar-/salt solutions, Suppository masses, Coatings, Paraffin emulsions, Lipid emulsions, Disintegration of vegetable, substances, Antiseptics, Serum, Vaccines

    • Cosmetics

    Shampoo, Body-care products, Hand washing paste, Liquid soap

    • Chemical industry

    Cleaning agents, Sliding agents,Lubricant, Hotmelt adhesive, Corrosion protection agents, Wax emulsions, Ceramic suspensions, Polymer emulsions, Silicone emulsions, TiO2 -suspensions, Colloidal solutions, Catalyst suspensions, Impregnating agents, Pesticides, Fungicides

  • Standard:GMP



    Control Method: 

    option 1-PLC & touch screen 

    Option 2-push-button switch

    Cover Opening Method: Manhole

    Heating Method: 

    Option 1-Steam

    Option 2-Electric

    Option 3-without heating

    Homogenizer Sealing Method: Double sided mechanical sealing

    Emulsifying Agitator:Fixed paddle and frame paddle with scrapper

    Homogenizer:high shearing

    Homogenizer fastest rotary speed: 3000RPM

    Discharging:bottom discharge

    Emulsion fineness:2~10 micro meters

    • Set a thicker tank wall so that the tank can withstand strong pressure

    • Adopting scraping wall stirring blade and more powerful power, it can handle viscosity such as gel and materials below its viscosity

    • The use of double-sided mechanical seals can effectively prevent leakage of contaminated materials and prevent damage to the motor.

    • SUS316L stainless steel material, fully comply with GMP workshop production standards, and can produce most of corrosive materials

  • ModelControlMaterialHeatingWorking VolumeAgitator powerElectric heating powerHomogenizer power
    PME-100LPLC or ButtonSUS304 or SUS316LSteam or Electric100L1.1KW9KW2.2KW
    PME-200LPLC or ButtonSUS304 or SUS316LSteam or Electric200L2.2KW12KW3KW
    PME-300LPLC or ButtonSUS304 or SUS316LSteam or Electric300L4KW18KW4KW
    PME-500LPLC or ButtonSUS304 or SUS316LSteam or Electric500L4KW27KW4KW
    PME-1000LPLC or ButtonSUS304 or SUS316LSteam or Electric1000L5.5KW27KW7.5KW
    PME-1500LPLC or ButtonSUS304 or SUS316LSteam or Electric1500L5.5KW27KW11KW
    PME-2000LPLC or ButtonSUS304 or SUS316LSteam or Electric2000L7.5KW36KW11KW
    PME-3000LPLC or ButtonSUS304 or SUS316LSteam or Electric3000L7.5KW36KW11KW
    PME-5000LPLC or ButtonSUS304 or SUS316LSteam or Electric5000L11KW54KW15KW
    Note:The powers are based on processing method of honey, and it can be changed as your request.




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