Pharmaceutical ointment making machine mixing equipment
  • Pharmaceutical preparations for treatment of conditions such as rashes, skin irritation, stings, fungal infections, etc. are normally supplied in the form of a cream or ointment as this provides an effective means of delivering the active ingredient directly to the required area. Products can be either a water in oil (w/o) or oil in water (o/w) emulsion, consisting of waxes, emollients and lubricants dispersed in an oil phase, and a water phase containing emulsifying, stabilizing and thickening agents, preservatives and in some cases, colorant. Active ingredients are dispersed in either phase or added when the emulsion has been formed and allowed to cool. The process flow as follows:

    • Preparation of the oil phase. Flake/powder ingredients, sometimes dry blended in advance, are dispersed into mineral oil or silicone oil. Heating may be required to melt some ingredients.

    • Hydration of aqueous phase ingredients. Emulsifiers, thickeners and stabilizers are dispersed into water in a separate vessel. Heating may be required to accelerate hydration.

    • Forming the Emulsion. The two phases are blended under vigorous agitation to form the emulsion.

    • Dispersion of the Active Ingredient. The active ingredient often makes up only a small proportion of the formulation; this must be efficiently dispersed to maximize yield and product effectiveness.

    The MP complete set of vacuum homogenizer mixer developed by SHsina uses cyclic emulsification to add powder to the liquid. The MP complete emulsifier is composed of a single-arm lifting system, a two-way mixing system, a bottom EBI powder-liquid mixing system, an oil tank, a water tank, and an electrical system.

    The EBI powder-liquid mixing system consists of two layers of dispersing heads. The first layer of the pumping blade has a stable liquid pumping power, and the second layer can disperse powder into liquid well, and it will not form agglomerates. The powder hopper is located above the EBI system, and the liquid enters the mixing system from the upper part. The suction generated by the circulation in the emulsifying tank draws the powder from the powder hopper into the emulsifying tank, the powder entering the tank is mixed with the liquid and dispersed rapidly; the dispersed material is pumped back to the cyclic material pipe. Even if the material becomes viscous (material viscosity up to 100,000CPS), the machine can obtain a high flow rate. The EBI system can process various powders without the use of any auxiliary equipment(such as a circulating pump).

    Emulsifying tank has two-speed upper agitator, with a scraped-wall stirring on the outside, and rapid stirring on the inside, the two stirrings can be run separately. The heating and cooling systems are designed to match with the emulsifying tank, which can make the temperature in the tank more uniform and avoid different quality. After emulsification is completed, it can be transferred to another storage system by EBI mixing homogenizer. 

    MP vacuum emulsification machine is available in a variety of models, from MP10 to MP4000. It can be used for laboratory experiments or can be scaled up for production.

    • Food

    Sauces, Dressings, Mayonnaise, Liquid spices, Cheese spread, Ready-to-serve-meals, Baby food ,Jams,  Pet food, Starch solutions, Alginate 

    • Beverage

    Fruit juices, Vegetable juices, Milkshakes, Protein drinks, Liqueurs, Sugar solutions ,Flavours 

    • Cosmetics

    Creams, Sun protection products, Perfumes, Shaving cream, Decorative cosmetics, Shampoo,Body-care products, Conditioners, Hand washing paste, Liquid soap, Tooth paste, Collagen suspensions, Carbopol emulsions

    • Pharmaceutical industry

    Ointments, Gels, Eye drops, Eye ointment,Cough mixtures and similar, Infusion solutions, Sugar-/salt solutions, Suppository masses, Coatings, Lotions (W/O resp, Lotions (W/O resp. O/W), Paraffin emulsions, Lipid emulsions, Disintegration of vegetable, substances, Antiseptics, Serum, Vaccines 

    • Chemical industry

    Cleaning agents, Polishing agents, Sliding agents,Lubricant, Hotmelt adhesive, Corrosion protection agents, Wax emulsions, Ceramic suspensions, Polymer emulsions, Silicone emulsions, TiO2 -suspensions, Colloidal solutions, Catalyst suspensions, Impregnating agents, Pesticides, Fungicides 

  • Standard:GMP



    Control Method: PLC & touch screen

    Cover Opening Method: Hydraulic lifting

    Heating Method: Steam

    Homogenizer Sealing Method: Double sided mechanical sealing

    Emulsifying Agitator:Double directions frame paddle with scrapper

    Homogenizer:3 stages shearing dispersing

    Homogenizer fastest rotary speed: 14000RPM

    Oil/Water Premix:Turbo

    Ingredient Feeding: Homogenizer sucking

    Discharging: Homogenizer discharging

    Cleaning: CIP spraying

    Emulsion fineness:200nano to 2 micro meters

    • The relief valve equipped for heating parts can help ensure safety

    • The smallest fineness of final products achieve nano meters

    • Inline powder feeding and bottom dispersing into liquid,make sure powder liquid mix much more homogeneous

    • More thorough emulsification because the material enters the emulsifying tank through the emulsifier,can rapidly start to emulsify at the first time 

    • Inline homogenizer discharge can ensure faster production efficiency than batch production

  • ModelControlMaterialHeatingWorking VolumeAgitator powerHomogenizer powervacuum powerhydraulic lifting Power
    MP-10PLCSUS316LSteamwithout oil tankwithout2.2KW0.4KW0.37KW
    without water tankwithout
    main tank 10L

    internal 0.2KW

     external 0.2KW

    MP-20PLCSUS316LSteamoil tank 12.5L0.37KW4KW0.4KW0.37KW
    water tank 12.5L0.37KW
    main tank 20L

    internal 0.37KW
     external 0.4KW

    MP-30PLCSUS316LSteamoil tank 18.5L0.55KW4KW0.81KW0.55KW
    water tank 18.5L0.55KW
    main tank 30L

    internal  0.37KW
     external 0.55KW

    MP-50PLCSUS316LSteamoil tank 31L0.75KW7.5KW1.1KW1.1KW
    water tank 31L0.75KW
    main tank 50L

    internal 0.37KW
     external 0.55KW

    MP-100PLCSUS316LSteamoil tank 65L1.1KW11KW1.5KW1.1KW
    water tank 65L1.1KW
    main tank 100L

    internal 0.55KW
     external 0.75KW

    MP-200PLCSUS316LSteamoil tank 125L1.5KW18.5KW2.2KW1.5KW
    water tank 125L1.5KW
    main tank 200L

    internal  0.75KW
     external 1.5KW

    MP-300PLCSUS316LSteamoil tank 185L2.2KW22KW3.85KW2.2KW
    water tank 185L2.2KW
    main tank 300L

    internal  1.5KW
     external 3KW

    MP-500PLCSUS316LSteamoil tank 310L3KW22KW3.85KW3KW
    water tank 310L3KW
    main tank 500L

    internal  2.2KW
     external 4KW

    MP-1000PLCSUS316LSteamoil tank 625L4KW37KW5.5KW4KW
    water tank 625L4KW
    main tank 1000L

    internal  3.7KW
     external 5.5KW

    Note:1.The working volume and agitator power of oil and water tank here is based on processing technology of mayonnaise, if produce other goods, it will be different.2.The agitator of the main tank is controlled by two sets of motors, which can stir the stirring blades at different speeds in two directions. Here, we define the motor power of the smaller internal paddle as internal, and the motor power of the larger external paddle as external.




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Jams and Spreads

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