GMP Standard Vacuum Mixing Vessel For Syrup Product
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  • The syrup is mainly mixed by some herbs with sucrose and additives contain preservatives. In addition to concentrated extraction equipment, cooking equipment and mixing equipment are essential in the production of syrup. SHsina mixing tanks have the functions of heating, stirring, dispersing and circulating homogenization, which is an ideal syrup production equipment. The entire equipment adopts GMP production standards, which meets the hygiene requirements of pharmaceutical production.The complete mixing set is composed of main mixing tank, pre-treating water tank, vacuum pump, electric control system etc. 

    1. Function: Integrating blending, dispersing, Emulsion, heating and cooling, automatic discharge etc. 

    2. Materials can be heated or cooled according to technological requirements. The heating methods such as steam or electric heating can be customized according to customer requirements.

    3. Various forms of blending vanes are suitable for production of different types of products.

    4. Bottom/upper installation type homogenizer and pipeline type emulsifier are optional to speed up dissolution and emulsification of materials.

    5. The stainless steel electric control cabinet can completely supervise the operation of equipment, and display such data as temperature and blending rotation speed etc.

    • Cosmetics

    Creams, Sun protection products, Perfumes Shaving cream, Decorative cosmetics, Shampoo, Body-care products, Conditioners, Hand washing paste, Liquid soap, Collagen suspensions, Carbopol emulsions

    • Food

    Sauces, Dressings, Mayonnaise, Liquid spices, Cheese spread, Ready-to-serve-meals, Baby food,   Pet food

    • Beverage

    Fruit juices, Vegetable juices, Milkshakes, Protein drinks, Liqueurs,Flavours 

    • Pharmaceutical industry

    Ointments, Gels, Eye drops, Eye ointment,Cough mixtures and similar, Infusion solutions,  Suppository masses, Coatings, Lotions (W/O resp, Lotions (W/O resp. O/W), Paraffin emulsions, Lipid emulsions

    • Chemical industry

    Cleaning agents, Polishing agents, Sliding agents,Lubricant, Hotmelt adhesive, Corrosion protection agents, Wax emulsions, Ceramic suspensions, Polymer emulsions, Silicone emulsions, TiO2 -suspensions, Colloidal solutions, Catalyst suspensions, Impregnating agents, Pesticides, Fungicides 

  • Standard:GMP

    Voltage:Custom 3 Phase


    Control Method: 

    Option 1-PLC & touch screen
    Option 2-push-button switch

    Cover Opening Method: 

    Option 1-Hydraulic lifting

    Option 1-Manhole

    Heating Method: 

    Option 1-Steam

    Option 2-Electric

    Homogenizer Sealing Method: Double sided mechanical sealing

    Emulsifying Agitator:Fixed paddle and frame paddle with scrapper

    Homogenizer:high shearing

    Homogenizer fastest rotary speed: 3000RPM

    Oil/Water Premix:Turbo

    Ingredient Feeding: vacuum sucking


    Option 1-titling

    Option 2-bottom discharge and titling

    Cleaning: CIP spraying

    Emulsion fineness:2~10 micro meters

    • Our production department will not reduce any thickness of tank we quotated, make sure long serve life.

    • Agitator use double sided mechanical seal, not as someone use oil seal or single side mechnical seal replace, ours avoid any leak of agitators.

    • Use motor from Siemens, and water cooling system for mechanical seal of homogenizer, can keep it running 24hours continuously when your tank is empty also.

    • Use 4-axis CNC precision machining for homo blade better than 2 axis CNC machining from others, the gap between stator and rotator is only 0.2-0.3mm, much better than others. 

    • The view glass system we use light from Philips, others just use normal one, ours using life is longer.

    • Hydraulic lifting rods and stabilizer bars, we use thicker rods than conventional ones, it is more stable and prolong using life.

    • Titling system, for gears we add quenching process after cutting, that strength its hardness, prolong using life.

    • The turbine blade is pushed at the bottom to push the material downwards to preferentially stir the material at the bottom of the oil pan, and the premixed product is more evenly. distributed.

    • We set an support on horizontal bridge of lifting, to hold and storage pipe gun head for transport premixed material to main pot after use it.

  • ModelControlMaterialHeatingWorking VolumeAgitator powerElectric heating powerHomogenizer powerVacuum power
    SME-B-200LButtonSUS316LSteam or Electricoil tank 100L0.55KW9KW4KW2.2KW
    water tank 160L0.55KW9KW
    main tank 200L3KW6KW
    SME-B-300LButtonSUS316LSteam or Electricoil tank 150L0.55KW9KW7.5KW3KW
    water tank 240L0.55KW12KW
    main tank 300L3KW6KW
    SME-B-500LButtonSUS316LSteam or Electricoil tank 250L0.75KW12KW7.5KW3KW
    water tank 400L1.1KW18KW
    main tank 500L4KW9KW
    SME-B-800LButtonSUS316LSteam or Electricoil tank 400L1.1KW18KW11KW4KW
    water tank 640L1.1KW18KW
    main tank 800L5.5KW12KW
    SME-B-1000LButtonSUS316LSteam or Electricoil tank 500L2.2KW18KW11KW4KW
    water tank 800L2.2KW24KW
    main tank 1000L5.5KW12KW
    SME-B-1500LPLC or ButtonSUS316LSteam or Electricoil tank 750L2.2KW18KW14KW4KW
    water tank 1200L2.2KW27KW
    main tank 1500L7.5KW18KW
    SME-B-2000LPLC or ButtonSUS316LSteam or Electricoil tank 1000L2.2KW27KW14KW4KW
    water tank 1600L2.2KW27KW
    main tank 2000L7.5KW18KW
    SME-B-3000LPLC or ButtonSUS316LSteam or Electricoil tank 1500L2.2KW36KW18.5KW4KW
    water tank 2400L3KW36KW
    main tank 3000L7.5KW18KW
    Note:1.The working volume and agitator power of oil and water tank here is based on processing technology of cosmetic creams, if produce other goods, it will be different.2.The homogenizer here define to bottom homogenizer.




Hair Dye







Paint, pigment & coatings

Dressings and Sauces

Jams and Spreads

Edible Oils


Essential oil