CBI inline mixer for edible oils refining
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  • The purpose of edible oil refining is not to remove all impurities in the oil, but to remove harmful impurities that are not beneficial to food, storage, industrial production, such as protein, phospholipids, mucus, moisture, etc. Impurities "such as tocopherols are to be retained. Therefore, according to different requirements and uses, removing unwanted and harmful impurities from fats and oils to obtain a refined oil that meets certain quality standards is the purpose of oil refining.

    Raw oil is used as a raw material, and refined oil is obtained through refining. It mainly includes five steps of degumming, deacidifying, decoloring, deodorizing, and dewaxing.

    Hair oil degumming. Remove the gums (mainly phospholipids) from the hair oil. The degumming technology mainly uses the hydration degumming method, that is, using the hydrophilicity of the peptidic soluble droplets such as phospholipids, a certain amount of water or an electrolyte dilute solution is added to the hair oil under stirring, so that the peptidic impurities in the hair oil absorb water and swell , Condensed and separated.

    The inline high-shear dispersing homogenizing emulsifier is a high-performance device for continuous production or cyclic processing of fine materials. In a narrow space cavity, there are 1 to 3 pairs of dual-engagement multilayer stators, rotor parts, and rotors in the motor Driven at high speed, it generates strong axial suction to suck the material into the cavity. Disperse, shear, and emulsify the material in the shortest time, and narrow the range of particle size, so that it can produce fine long-term stable products.

    • Food

    Sauces, Dressings, Mayonnaise, Liquid spices, Cheese spread, Ready-to-serve-meals, Baby food ,Jams,  Pet food, Starch solutions, Alginate, Edible oil

    • Beverage

    Fruit juices, Vegetable juices, Milkshakes, Protein drinks, Liqueurs, Sugar solutions ,Flavours 

    • Cosmetics

    Creams, Sun protection products, Perfumes Shaving cream, Decorative cosmetics,Body-care products, Collagen suspensions, Carbopol emulsions

    • Pharmaceutical industry

    Ointments, Gels, Eye drops, Eye ointment,Cough mixtures and similar, Infusion solutions, Sugar-/salt solutions, Suppository masses, Coatings, Lotions (W/O resp, Lotions (W/O resp. O/W), Paraffin emulsions, Lipid emulsions, Disintegration of vegetable, substances, Antiseptics, Serum, Vaccines 

    • Chemical industry

    Lubricant, Hotmelt adhesive, Corrosion protection agents, Wax emulsions, Ceramic suspensions, Polymer emulsions, Silicone emulsions, TiO2 -suspensions, Colloidal solutions, Catalyst suspensions, Impregnating agents, Pesticides, Fungicides 

  • Homogenizer Sealing Method: Double sided mechanical sealing

    Emulsifying Agitator:Double directions frame paddle with scrapper

    Homogenizer:3 grades shearing dispersing

    Homogenizer fastest rotary speed: 14000RPM

    Emulsion fineness:200nano to 2 micro meters

    • The smallest fineness of final products achieve nano meters

    • Inline powder feeding and bottom dispersing into liquid,make sure powder liquid mix much more homogeneous

    • Available to absorb powder/liquid into mixer directly without extra vacuum pump

    • Bottom mounted mixer and a special rotator can supply power for high viscous power-liquid fluid

  • ModelDispersing flow(L/H)Pump flow(L/H)Power(KW)Max.viscosity available(PAs.)




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